OK, guys, brace yourself for the most exciting news of these troubled times – Mei’s here! Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. Turns out there’s still some flights going on – vaccines and government deals and shit – and after Mei left the quarantine her doctor friends got a job with one of these secret labs working on the vaccine, and they got Mei a job there. They don’t got many pilots left, so she trained up, and soon as she got onto a flight out to the US she detoured here. Stole a plane just to find me again.

I know that might seem pretty unbelievable, given that she wasn’t all that hot on the idea of coming out here before, but after thinking it over all this time she realised the one place she wanted to be was here.

It was late last night I heard the proximity sensors go, and when I ran for the window with my rifle I just saw her standing there, waving up at me. She’s not here right now, cause she insisted on quarantining herself over at the other house, but we’re counting down the 28 days till we can finally be together again.


27 thoughts on “BIG NEWS

  1. Jack…this is difficult. I understand how much you want this to be the case, and I understand why you would pretend it is. But it’s not fair. We’re all in the process of accepting Mei’s disappearance…her likely death…as well as coming to terms with everything else we’ve all been through. We’re all grieving in our own way. It may be especially hard on you, but I can’t go along with this fantasy. It won’t make you feel better – only honest grief will, eventually, do that. We can be here for you, but only if you’re really here, so to speak, in the real world where, we must begin to accept, Mei isn’t any longer. And I’m so sorry.

  2. Sorry Ash, I’m done coddling the little weasel. Nothing he’s said from the start has added up but this is just fruitloops on a banana peel. You know, I don’t even sympathise anymore. You think you’re the only one who misses Mei? D’you see the rest of us going public with the wish-fulfilment? It’s too much, Jack. You want to wring Mei’s memory out of shape and scrunch it into a distorted doll of her to fit your private fantasies, fine, but don’t make us watch you doing it. I’m trying to mourn somebody real, and I don’t want to see your pathetic attempt to bring back a glove puppet. Get back to reality. Or don’t you care about keeping your folks’ farm going anymore? Course not, ’cause they’re right there, aren’t they? You didn’t bury them, they’re still up at the house while you play out your little virtual reality apocalypse, making a game out of everything the rest of us have been through, just ’cause you got dumped and felt left out. Screw you.

  3. Right, here it is. I’m sorry. I was harsh before. Well, more than harsh. Actually, I was rotten, rat-arsed drunk. I got a bottle of vodka in my last haul, and it smashed out my brain and made free with my typing fingers. The way you talk about Mei’s always been out of line, but I get that you really want her to be there. I’d like to believe it, too. But like Ash says, you gotta come back to reality.
    I didn’t mean it about your folks still being alive – it’s a dark, nasty suspicion I’ve been harbouring, but it was shitty of me to confront you with it. There’s obviously something you don’t want to tell us, and I guess that’s for you to decide. I just never know what’s really going on with you, and I wanted to say something bad enough you might come clean just to deny it. I went too far, and I’m sorry.
    So can you stop with the spooky and start talking again?

    • See, I think I know what you’re going through. Spend long enough on your own, you start to hallucinate, or to interpret outlines and sounds to be what you want to see. Is that what this is like? Or is it pure wishful thinking, of the if-I-believe-it-enough-it’ll-come-true variety? I was holed up in that store jumping at shadows long enough to know both.

    • Seriously, mate, talk to me. I know what it’s like. I do this shit all the time, imagine things are different, try to convince myself it’s true. I just don’t put it on my blog, mostly cause that’s a sure way to burst the bubble. I mean, you knew we weren’t gonna say, “Hey, that’s great, Jack, tell her to wing on over and pick up the rest of us, let’s head back to ground zero and party!”’ I know this isn’t just self-delusion, it’s a cry for help. So here’s help. Talk to me.

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