Another raid

This time there were more of them. I’d gotten too confident, and they snuck past the traps and alarms while I was asleep. Time I’d woken up and seen them off, they’d already found the main store and made off with a few sacks of beans and flour. I’m pretty angry at myself for getting so lax. I’ll manage without the food, I have some more in a second location, but I just don’t feel so secure now. I’ve started chopping down our little pine forest we used to harvest for Christmas trees, using the straight trunks to make some spiky fencing for a second barrier around the perimeter. That’s keeping me busy, and of course I’m keeping watch, only sleeping a few hours at a time.

It was a bit of a shock to the system, if you know what I mean. I mean, I’m fine, I’ve still got everything I need, but they kind of got in under my defences. I had to shoot to kill, and y’know, dealing with bodies again and everything, brought a few things back. I’m fine, though. And knowing I can do that, when I need to, I guess it makes me feel safer, in a way. It just got under my skin a little, is all. But hey, what doesn’t kill us makes us hard asses, I guess! That’s the way it is from now on. And before anybody comes in with the sympathy for the raiders, these guys were totally prepared to shoot me if I didn’t get them first. If I hadn’t stopped them, they’d have taken everything, and that’d be even worse. So I did what I had to, and they got what was coming to them. That’s an end of it.

So, I’m just wondering if anybody got a message from Mei? I figured that what with Ash and Elaine both having some close calls lately, she might have been concerned and just, you know, sneaked in a quick SkIMp to say “hang in there”. Not my place to check up on her, I know, but I’m kind of worried. I just hope she’s OK. Just, y’know, let me know if she’s said anything – you don’t have to say what she’s said, just if she’s said anything, that’d be a comfort to me to know. And I hope you’re both recovered, too.


11 thoughts on “Another raid

  1. Much better, thank you, though I’m also concerned for our friends. I’m glad that you seem to be coping so well.
    Power is more of an issue for me than it was – and even when I can charge this set, it seems the servers are sporadically offline. The lights are out everywhere here. I’ve moved over to an Icelandic socnet, not for the security and privacy but because the servers powered by geothermal stations are the most reliable now.

            • Sorry I’m late to the party, and hope my over-indulgence hasn’t been too much for you to handle…
              Before we get too wrecked, just a little warning from someone who’s recently had some pretty shitty luck with raiders. If your set-up’s as great as it sounds, and if any of them got away, they’ll be back. We don’t wanna lose you, mate. Either move somewhere smaller or get some help to defend the place – I’m serious, there’s no way you can do it by yourself.

                • Yeah, that’s what I thought about the Triggers. I had a ton of defences and fallbacks, and I still got chased out of my store. It seems like you got an easy-running farm, and your green crops must be visible from miles off. I’m surprised you’ve not been raided more.

                  • I’m pretty sure these guys are scared off for good. I appreciate it, Elaine, but just cause something happened to you, doesn’t mean it applies to me. I don’t want to talk about it anymore – the whole thing was a little traumatic. Anyway, how’s your shoulder?

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