I know Mei’s out there

Wishful thinking?  Don’t believe me?  Here’s how I know.  Mei’s had stuff going on since the first quarantine that she never put on her blog.  There’s a lot of political factions trying to take control of the campus.  There was stuff she couldn’t go public about, and I can’t tell you all of it – I don’t know all of it, myself – but I picked up some details when we used to SkIMp every day.  That’s how I know what to look for.

It’s like her paintings, all disconnected bits and you have to piece it together.  She knew I understood that.  I think she only dumped me to protect me; maybe they were onto our SkIMp calls and maybe they could’ve reached me to put pressure on her, who knows, they could have people in the US, that’s not so unbelievable, is it?

She has a plan she’s trying to tell me.  I think she needs to make it look like she’s dead, but she’s planning something big, bigger than the occupation and the quarantine, bigger than the CPC even.

Did any of you notice her new picture?  It’s a message to me.  It looks like the one from before the first quarantine ended, but it’s not.  The horizon’s further, the sky’s clearer, you can see the mountains – it could mean she’s getting out of Beijing, maybe out of China.  I mean, look at her new avatar!  How much clearer can you say: “I’m not here anymore, I disappeared.”

I don’t know where she is, and I don’t know where she’s going, but I won’t give up on her.  I’ll hear from her again, I know it.  You’ll all see.


4 thoughts on “I know Mei’s out there

  1. I don’t know, Jack, I’d love to believe you but I think she’s in real trouble. I got a goosebump on the back of my neck when she said there was talk of her standing for the next leader. There had to be powerful people who didn’t want that. Her picture does look like a message, but I got a horrible feeling that message is “goodbye”.

    • Nah, she’s just saying “Don’t look for me here, I’m somewhere else”. I mean, if she wanted to say she was dead, she’d have drawn herself as a zombie, right?

  2. Well, she must have been alive when she changed the blog. It’s unlikely anyone else would have done that, isn’t it? How clever of her. I expect she’s on the run now, trying to find somewhere safer. I hope she’s with friends.

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