Wondering who’s out there.

Thought I should probably post to let people know I’m still alive. When I sit around too much I begin to get morbid, so I’m keeping busy.
I want to feel like I’m not letting my folks down, so I’m keeping up with my chores, drying out beans for long-term storage, learning to make bread, checking the water tower for leaks. I’ve also been looking at using a stream that runs a little way out past the fence as a water supply and maybe a backup power generator – it’s not a strong current, but it’s constant and a wheel on a couple of small dynamos turning 24/7 can cover all my lighting and communications needs. Technically, it’s not my stream, but it’s only a hundred yards into the neighbor’s land and I didn’t see them since before my folks died. I’ve been trying not to think it, but somebody from every farm in the county went to that produce fair. I might be the only one left. I SkIMp the New Jersey flu helpline every day and get the same recorded message: stay calm, follow the advice, they’ve received my message, I’m on the list.
I don’t have permission to break the seal, but I’m running low on gas, so I got to go into the town sometime. Guess I’ll find out then how many others are left alive out here.


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