Like a boy scout…

So Mei’s meme is, what are we doing to prepare ourselves for Blood Flu? It happens this is something I’ve put a little thought into – well, not for Blood Flu specifically, but y’know how it is when you watch those old disaster movies and you look around your place and you think, “Well, I’ll store my food supplies in the waterproofed basement and run a dynamo from the tank and keep a cache of weapons in that roofspace and split the ammo and fuel supplies between the buildings with thought to that vulnerable point on my perimeter where there’s no direct line of sight from the water tower and—” you get the gist. I’m not saying I think it’ll happen, but this is one of the ways I spend an idle hour. So I reckon I’m pretty well prepped.

I figure, I’m in a good place for it if it did happen. We’re way out from centres of population, and we can hole up here indefinitely – long as we learn to really like beans and squash, or maybe breed woodchucks. If the mains water goes we got the tower that sees to most of our irrigation needs outside of a drought, and would serve pretty well as a watch-tower if we had to defend the perimeter from looters, zombies or whatever. We got stores of food and the means to grow more. We got shelter, weapons, enough of us to defend ourselves and not too many to feed.

I guess the main thing I’d need to do is secure the perimeter a little better, cause at the moment it’s just a wire fence. I need to make sure I got a range of foods stored, and something to purify water that’s been sitting in the tank. I need fuel for the generator in case the electric goes. None of this stuff is hard.

So I guess no need to worry about me – I’m pretty much all set. If anything went down with the outside world, this is pretty much the safest and best place I could imagine being.

All that’s missing is Mei. But nothing we can do about that now except wait, and hope.


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