Virtual Valentine

Since the post won’t be getting through to Beijing any time soon, I thought I’d put this up here for Mei to see.

Valentine's card for Mei

For Mei…

I woulda done that whole Zombie Woodchuck comic by now, only I had to go to that GreenTech Expo and give out FF Vitimillion Squash and Allergone Peanut Tarts, in an apron with that stupid grinning green monster logo that I coulda drawn better with my left foot. Bet the guy who drew Friendly Frankie doesn’t have to stand there being polite to humanities students who think small organic family farms are destroying the earth.

So this girl with a “No to Fake Foods” button and a fake flesh tunnel in her nose was spinning me the line about GM crops breeding with the local flora, and I was like, do you even know how many farms don’t grow GM now? Why don’t you go after the big corps trying to buy us out instead of the small farms who’ve gone to FF just to get by, ’cause at least we don’t use pesticides and our crops got health benefits, and yeah, sure FF give us non-terminating seeds that could breed in the wild, and we save them and don’t have to pay for the license and the stock and the stupid franchise shit every year, which is why I’m rich and don’t have to go to stupid Expos and talk to stupid people like you!

Yeah, I didn’t say that.

What I said was, “Mom, customer!” And she came over from networking with the Organicalise rep and she said all of that, more or less. Well, not the last part. She just sorta implied it.

Mei, you gotta meet my Mom one day. Hope it’ll be soon. Happy Valentines! xxx


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