Trouble Brewing

If keeping a blog means posting more than once a month, I guess I’ve near broke that third resolution already, but I think I’m justified in saying I got a lot on my mind right now.

As some of you know, my girlfriend’s got caught up in this insanity around the silent zones in China.  Thankfully she’s not actually in one, but she might as well be for the amount I get to talk to her.  There’s only a narrow window each day when we’re both likely to be awake, and she’s always either following up on a lead to some possible news from her home town or she’s meeting with other students to organise some protest or petition – and I’m spending all my time just sitting worrying about her.  Travel to provinces south of Beijing is already restricted and it won’t be long before they ground all planes going into and out of China – I just want her to get out of there before it’s too late.

Last time we spoke we had a kind of disagreement on whether the US is really a safer place to be – I get a bit confused about exactly where we clashed, but I do know I totally failed at persuading her to get on that plane.  She told me the US was cracking down on travel and immigration from Central America, and it was the first I heard so I checked with my Dad.  Turns out she was right – in fact he’s cracking down on me about how I’m gonna have to pull my weight round here (again!) because if this doesn’t simmer down we won’t be able to get half the usual workers in for the spring harvest.  Stupid thing is, we’ve SkIMped the guys in Puerto Rico – and just so we’re on the same page, this isn’t some faceless agency trying to keep a contract with us, we know these guys, they’ve been coming here every year since as long as I can remember – and they say there is no new flu going around down there.  Jaivin says he had a bad stomach thing, but I could hear Marelys in the background yelling he was just hungover again.  They’re all fine, except for worrying what in the hell they’re going to do for work come April, and Dad’s wondering the same.  We do ok here, but we’re only a small family operation and it’s not like we can afford local rates, not that there’s many locals who can even do this kind of work.  Of course, every other farm in the garden state’ll be looking, too, which pushes the rates up more, and there’s a lot of family farms’ll get sold off to the big corps if this flu scare doesn’t blow over by harvest.

Dad says he’s literally betting the farm on me being able to bring in some cash with my illustration work, so I’m working on a new zombie comic – I need to update my portfolio to get online commissions.  Dad did raise an eyebrow when I said I’d need to borrow his guns, but research is key, right?  Plus I’m getting to be a crack shot with the Ruger 10/22.


13 thoughts on “Trouble Brewing

  1. It may have been naïve of me, but when you said it was a family farm I’d assumed you did everything yourselves – it didn’t occur to me you needed a workforce.

    • Most of the year we don’t – that’s the good thing about the Friendly Frankensteins, they come tailored to the conditions and pest-resistance is built in, so they practically take care of themselves. It’s just at harvest times we got a lot to do all at once, so we get 10 or so helpers in. If we didn’t, most of our crops’d rot on the ground. You researching for your own homestead yet?

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