Sketchy Resolutions

I’ve been tagged by the Amazing Mei about a New Year’s meme, so I’m going to follow her good example and put the stylus to the tablet.  I’ve done a few sketches lately, and thought I’d share this one with you guys:

Bad Influences at the campire

A typical evening round the campfire…

Next resolution: Stop being such an anti-social loser.  Yeah, my girl’s in Beijing and all my school buddies are in NYC or Jersey City, working or studying or some shit, so I got to find me a new gang.  My folks are always saying I spend too much time shut up here on my own playing socnet games with old buddies who’ve left town, so I’ve invited all the ones who are left for a party, the kind where I can flick real popcorn at them while I annihilate their asses, instead of just destroying them down a headset.  Some younger bros of the dudes who left for college got a band, and want some cover art for their album, so I could even get some work out of it.  Hey, I can sell it to my folks as Networking!

And last: I just started a blog, how’s that for a free resolution!  Promise to keep it up for at least a year, guys, or until we all meet again.  You can all come stay on the farm anytime – it’s a lot like our camp in the jungle, ’cept further from civilisation.

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